Mer Oceane

Music creation for live show, Company Le chemin qui marche, Québec. “My child, I am billions of years old. I have among my waves the mark of the wind, of storms, and dead calm. I am the song of whales, the thrust of flying fish, the dirge of sailors.”A poetic multisensory experience where the ocean

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Over the clouds

“Over the clouds” is a musical project commissioned by Dubai Expo’s Saudi pavilion in september 2021, produced by Filmmaster MEA.The purpose of the project is to represent Saudi’s tradition, as well as Saudi’s vision of the future with an original music creation.Some sets were used for Circus acts, some others were part of a calligraphy

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El Cerro López, guitar solo

This tune is a composition of my father Jorge Milchberg, as part of a suite he composed for piano, called “Opus”. This is a perfect example of his work as an arranger, the work he has done for more than 50 years with Los Incas. Here the original theme is very short (from 1’08 to

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1 year at La Perle

1 year 422 shows 315 000 visitors from 178 countries 37980 minutes of showtime 42780 minutes of practice + 500 technical checks… On my side: 1 mandola with 8 strings 1 Turkish fretless banjo with 10 strings 1 guitar with 6 strings 2 Kaval flutes with 8 holes 1 Ney flute with 7 holes And

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La Perle anniversary: death-defying circus still pulling tricks

Franco Dragone’s ‘La Perle’ first year anniversary.  Published in The National, UAE, sept 15 2018 by Hala Khalaf (original article) It’s been a year since Dubai’s permanent aerial and aqua show La Perle was first performed at its custom-made, 10-storey high, state-of-the-art theatre in Al Habtoor City.Conceived by former Cirque du Soleil artistic director Franco

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En route with La Perle

In september 2016, the musical composer of Dragone shows, Benoit Jutras proposes me to participate to their next show, La Perle in Dubai. I really didn’t expected that… (Thanks to Rémy from House of Dancing Water in Macau). It’s been 4 years that I came back from Zaia, Cirque du Soleil in Macau, I was ready for a

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Dialogos del Alma

I was performing at Zaia, Cirque du Soleil in Macau. Ana Arroyo, dancer who was performing in the “House of dancing water” show from Dragone, had a project called “Dialogos del Alma”. It was a flamenco dance and acrobatic show she was directing. She came to me, asking some advices on different musics to choose

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Dance for Japan

I was performing in Zaia, Cirque du Soleil in Macau. One day my friend dancer Lionel Hun left Tokyo because of the  earthquake and tsunami of March 2011.While he stayed at my house we started this project, thinking about our friends in Japan.I was proposing musical ideas on the piano, and Lionel, while training himself, was telling me

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