Dance for Japan

I was performing in Zaia, Cirque du Soleil in Macau. One day my friend dancer Lionel Hun left Tokyo because of the  earthquake and tsunami of March 2011.
While he stayed at my house we started this project, thinking about our friends in Japan.
I was proposing musical ideas on the piano, and Lionel, while training himself, was telling me what was working for him. When I fixed the structure of the piece, I asked my beautiful colleagues form Zaia Cirque du Soleil Maria Elena Medina (Cello) and Miako Klein (violin) to join. After finishing the mix of the music, Lionel recorded his performance with the videographer Tozé Soares, juste downstairs from my home in Coloane Island.

You can listen to the music here : Itunes , Spotify, Deezer

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