Dialogos del Alma

I was performing at Zaia, Cirque du Soleil in Macau. Ana Arroyo, dancer who was performing in the “House of dancing water” show from Dragone, had a project called “Dialogos del Alma”. It was a flamenco dance and acrobatic show she was directing. She came to me, asking some advices on different musics to choose for her project. I was watching their rehearsals and didn’t find any existing musics that would match, so I started to compose a piece for string orchestra and she loved my proposition.

She came several times to my house to work on the structure of the piece “Due Uomini”, and the great flamenco dancer Carlos Carbonell worked with me on the Buleria.

They did several successful performances in Hong Kong. Later on, the acrobatic duo Micha and Pawel came to Europe under the name “Duo Expressio” and preformed “Due Uomini” for Spanish tv.


The music can be downloaded in Bandcamp

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