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Rhythm trick

Ethno Happy – Where is the rhythm trick? On part B of the melody : On the first repetition, the melody begins on the 5th beat while on the other 3 following repetitions it begins on the 4th beat. And the accents are not the same according to the melody. I know it’s subtle and […]

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Musician since 18, I always had a camera in my hands…From super8 to digital, I’ve always been passionated by creating movies.And when computers began to have enough power to edit videos, as for audio, I naturally started to edit videos. For me everything is about rhythm! I like to edit images in relation to music,

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Passion with sound

I started in the 75 to create music with tape machines and scissors, affordable computers didn’t exist yet. I’ve always been passionated with sound. I followed musical computers evolution from the beginning until now. It gives me an overall view and a discipline of work to stay focused and don’t loose myself inside the billions

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I started to make music with computers aroud 1985, when personal computers where able to do it. I had fist an Atari 1024 with Pro24, ancestor of Steinberg’s Cubase. I remember spending two years learning computer and not making real music… but it was useful. I was synchronizing the computer (generating midi to external synths)

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