After creating Musavida, a music production company in France, and producing more than 20 albums, Olivier moved to Dubai UAE in 2017 with the creation of the mega show La Perle From Dragone.
Born in Paris, spending his youth under many world music influences, he worked with musicians from Arabic culture as Mohamed Alnuma (Irak), Moneim Adwan (Palestine), Zhubin Kalhor (Iran), or Françoise Atlan from Sefardic tradition (France), and was part of the band Pêcheurs de Perles (music from the Persian Gulf) as a musician, arranger and producer for 10 years.
He is composing and producing music with the aim of linking western and middle-eastern cultures.

“Western and middle-eastern music have very different approaches. One can be described as vertical with harmony and contrachants, while the other is more horizontal,with precise melodic and improvisation development rules.
My goal and my passion are to combine those two approaches, those two different perspectives, with the respect of each tradition.
In the end there is always one common goal : to move emotionally, and to transmit the tradition.”

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