I’m a multi instrumentalist, which is very common in traditional music. I started very young and had the time to learn with my masters to play percussions, plucked strings and flutes.

The Bouzouki
I discovered the bouzouki by chance thanks to a friend luthier. I became fascinated by the warmth and rich sound of the double metal strings … (read more)

The Kaval flute
The Kaval flute was developed in Bulgaria, under influence of the Ottoman music and the turkish ney, adapted to play european scales. (read more)

Pecheurs de Perles 5
The Turkish Cura (small Saz)
The cura (pronounce Djoura), as the turkish saz is a string instrument with frets with quarter tones. I played it a lot with Pecheurs de Perles… (read more)

The classical guitar
The classical guitar is my second instrument after the piano…. My masters where Gilles Renne (Paris) in jazz, and Pablo Trosman (Buenos Aires)… (read more)

Andean flutes
I started as a kid to play Andean flutes along with the musicians of Los Incas (before I was part of the group)... (read more)

The piano
I never wanted to be concertist but the piano is very useful for music creation…(read more)

Cumbus Istanbul
The turkish Banjo (Cümbüş)
I play both kinds, with frets for occidental musics, and without frets for oriental music, which is played like an oud… (read more)

Cumbus Istanbul
The Handpan
I play a model called Rav Vast, with an amazing ample and long-lasting resonance… (read more)

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