Mer Oceane

Music creation for live show, Company Le chemin qui marche, Québec. “My child, I am billions of years old. I have among my waves the mark of the wind, of storms, and dead calm. I am the song of whales, the thrust of flying fish, the dirge of sailors.”A poetic multisensory experience where the ocean

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Over the clouds

“Over the clouds” is a musical project commissioned by Dubai Expo’s Saudi pavilion in september 2021, produced by Filmmaster MEA.The purpose of the project is to represent Saudi’s tradition, as well as Saudi’s vision of the future with an original music creation.Some sets were used for Circus acts, some others were part of a calligraphy

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El Cerro López, guitar solo

This tune is a composition of my father Jorge Milchberg, as part of a suite he composed for piano, called “Opus”. This is a perfect example of his work as an arranger, the work he has done for more than 50 years with Los Incas. Here the original theme is very short (from 1’08 to

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Ethno happy

Olivier Milchberg playing Bouzouki

This tune came to me on my bouzouki in 2013 while I was travelling far away… Recently I played it with a percussionist friend of mine and I figured out there was a rhythm trick. I recorded it and wrote the score on computer, so I could see where was the trick, which seems not

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Pecheurs de Perles (Pearl divers)

Pecheurs de Perles on stage

The band Pecheurs de Perles (Pearl divers) was founded by Mohamed Alnuma, singer and oud player from Irak, with the idea of a bridge between orient and occident. The repertoire goes from Persian gulf to the Mediterranean sea, with many compositions. The musical style takes its roots in traditionnal musics, but with a sound and

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Zaia Cirque du Soleil

Make up Cirque du Soleil Zaia

I was part of the Zaia show from Cirque du Soleil in Macau from 2008 to 2012.Living in China for 4 years and being part of this huge production was an unforgettable experience …Read my Zaia day by day Blog (French) and watch my video demo I sent to Cirque du Soleil’s casting  

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Los Incas

The process of arranging and adapting traditional music to the modern ear, which has become known as world music, was not well-known in the 1960s and 1970s. Yet world music has since become increasingly popular and found a huge audience everywhere. Some examples of world music acts which have enjoyed widespread recognition are The Bothy

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