Olivier Milchberg was born in Paris in 1963.
He studied piano, classical and jazz guitar for ten years.
At the age of 19, he joined the Andean music band Los Incas , as a guitarist and a flautist. Los Incas well known for their version of “El condor pasa” were founded by his father Jorge Milchberg. 

International tours and recordings with Los Incas gave him a wide poly-instrumental experience.
In 1988, he founded Muance Productions, a traditional music production label and recording studio.
Today he alternates between composing, musical direction, production projects and concert tours.

Olivier Milchberg has a global approach to music. This has led him to practice numerous traditional and ethnic instruments such as the Irish bouzouki, the cümbüş (Turkish banjo), the cura (Turkish saz). Since a very young age he has been passionate about wooden and bamboo flutes such as the Bulgarian Kaval, the ney, the Andean flutes and the bansuri flute. His ear for music and his mastery of rhythm have allowed him to play percussions with ease.

His research concerns, first and foremost, all music that have soul and roots, and that in turn inspire him to develop his own musical expression. He has, through the course of his career, been a part of numerous groups such as Los Incas and Urubamba (Andean music), Kapela (gypsy music), Bandzydeco (Cajun music), Passe Montagne (French folk music), he has accompanied singers like Delphine Aguilera and Hombeline (Occitan vocals), Pêcheurs de Perles (music from the Persian Gulf), Balkanic Trio (Balkan music), and the singer Moneim Adwan (Palestine).

He has set up numerous artistic projects and musical encounters, of which Nawah (vocal encounter between Moneim Adwan and Francoise Atlan) and Motayem (the meeting between an Iraqi and a Palestinian singer). He has co organized an international musical, theatrical and dance encounter in Turkey: the mythological journey.

In 2008, he joined the Cirque du Soleil for four years in Macau as a multi instrumentalist for their stage production “Zaia”. During his stay in China he continued recording from a distance with Japan (Album with Maria Andersson), Spain (numerous film scores in collaboration with Lucio Godoy and Federico Jusid for TVE Spanish TV). He was also involved in diverse musical creations for acts by acrobats at the Cirque du Soleil: the Duo Expressio, and creations for Lionel Hun’s dance “Hope” and Ana Arroyo’s “Dialogos del Alma”.

In 2012 he came back to Europe, resumed tours with Los Incas in South America and composed the soundtracks of the movies “Héritages” and ” The Dwarf in China“.

In 2014 he collaborated with Cirque Bidon and in 2015 with Cirque Eloize as a multi instrumentalist and a theatrical character.

He is hired by Dragone in 2017 for the resident show La Perle in Dubai, where he lives since then and produces musical projects for Musavida.

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