Olivier Milchberg

Olivier Milchberg is a musician, composer, and producer from Paris. Passionated by world music, he loves to explore different music styles from the Andes with the bands Los Incas and Urubamba, Middle-east with Pecheurs de Perles or "world beat" with Cirque du Soleil’s “ZAiA”. He plays many plucked string instruments like the Irish Bouzouki, and flutes like the Bulgarian Kaval. He is composing for dance projects and movie soundtracks, with ethnic instruments, electronic music and string orchestras.

My artistic life

One thing that gives me a lot of joy today is to see clearly the path of my artistic life and to be really happy with the level of my artistic expression. My artistic life is a succession of small steps. It’s not the big events, the big steps, but rather the addition of small steps, […]

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Rhythm trick

Ethno Happy – Where is the rhythm trick? On part B of the melody : On the first repetition, the melody begins on the 5th beat while on the other 3 following repetitions it begins on the 4th beat. And the accents are not the same according to the melody. I know it’s subtle and

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Ethno happy

Olivier Milchberg playing Bouzouki

This tune came to me on my bouzouki in 2013 while I was travelling far away… Recently I played it with a percussionist friend of mine and I figured out there was a rhythm trick. I recorded it and wrote the score on computer, so I could see where was the trick, which seems not

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Musician since 18, I always had a camera in my hands…From super8 to digital, I’ve always been passionated by creating movies.And when computers began to have enough power to edit videos, as for audio, I naturally started to edit videos. For me everything is about rhythm! I like to edit images in relation to music,

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Pecheurs de Perles (Pearl divers)

Pecheurs de Perles on stage

The band Pecheurs de Perles (Pearl divers) was founded by Mohamed Alnuma, singer and oud player from Irak, with the idea of a bridge between orient and occident. The repertoire goes from Persian gulf to the Mediterranean sea, with many compositions. The musical style takes its roots in traditionnal musics, but with a sound and

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Back from China

Olivier Milchberg, traditional creative musician How would you define yourself as a musician ? I would say : I’m a multidisciplinary musician (and multidisciplinary artist). I played a lot of traditional (folk) music from south America, Europe, and the middle east. I learned a lot in studying music with roots (with a soul). But traditional

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Passion with sound

I started in the 75 to create music with tape machines and scissors, affordable computers didn’t exist yet. I’ve always been passionated with sound. I followed musical computers evolution from the beginning until now. It gives me an overall view and a discipline of work to stay focused and don’t loose myself inside the billions

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Zaia Cirque du Soleil

Make up Cirque du Soleil Zaia

I was part of the Zaia show from Cirque du Soleil in Macau from 2008 to 2012.Living in China for 4 years and being part of this huge production was an unforgettable experience …Read my Zaia day by day Blog (French) and watch my video demo I sent to Cirque du Soleil’s casting  

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Movie soundtracks

Music composition : The dwarf in China – documentary Netherlands – Ben Reisman Watch the teaser download the music   Héritages – Mirath – full lenght film Lebanon – Philippe Aractingi Watch the teaser Download the music   Les Étrangers – short movie – Belgium – Andrea Blu’ Watch the movie Download the music (remix) Mon bio village –

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