World music

I have been greatly influenced by traditional music, primarily the Andean folk music played by Los Incas, a group that was founded and directed by my father. As a child I spent a lot of time with the musicians of Los Incas, who taught me how to play the pan flute. From my 18th birthday onwards I’ve been performing on stage with Los Incas. First I played the bombo (a traditional drum) with them, later also additional guitars and flutes, and eventually I became a soloist. My teachers are Pablo Trosman on the guitar and Una Ramos and Jorge Cumbo on the quena, the traditional flute of the Andes.

In addition, I have listened to many different other types of traditional music, from France (Malicorne), Brittany (Alan Stivell), Ireland (Bothy Band), Hungary (Kolinda), Bulgaria, Greece, and many more countries.

It has been very natural for me to incorporate all these influences in the various projects I have been involved in, which include Abisko, Kapela, Passe Montagne, Balkanic trioHombeline, and many more.

More recently I have been more geared towards the music from the Middle-East, in my collaboration with Christian Zagaria, in the project Mythological Journey in Turkey, and with the group Pêcheurs de Perles (Pearl Fishers),

I have never just copied the music from these traditions. Instead they have been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me in my playing and my compositions.


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